Revolutionising Skimz Zeovit Reactor 2003 – 2019

Posted: 15th December 2019 by admin in Skimz
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Skimz zeovit automatic reactor

The New Skimz Zeovit Auto Reactor (ZAR) will control the cleaning cycle fully automatic. Cleaning can be set to clean twice a day or hourly. Each mode has different characteristic which is in line with the old twice a day and new automatic hourly flushing method.

No more forgetting to manually pump your Zeovit Reactor

Skimz Zeovit Reactor consists of 2 preset automatic flushing modes and 4 preset flow rates for different volume of zeovite media.

Skimz Zeovit Auto Reactor Features: 
• 2 preset auto flushing modes
• 4 preset flow rates 
• Pause for dosing bacteria 
• Double-Speed Button
• Simple to install, easy to maintain
• Intergrated pump built into reactor

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