NEW! SKIMZ TurbMagnum ST600s Protein Skimmer is a commercial-sized recirculating skimmer, designed for professional aquaculturists, commercial farms, large public aquariums, and aquatic wholesale holding unit. It is extremely efficient at removing dissolved organics and pollutants. This skimmer uses a newly developed Hybrid Needlewheel Impeller (HNI) which offers more air intake over the previous model. The advanced bubble plate technology integrated in the skimmer significantly reduces turbulence inside the reaction chamber. This result in the reduced height of the skimmer; allowing the SKIMZ TuboMagnum to easily fit into most installations.

SKIMZ TuboMagnum ST600s Protein Skimmer produces massive fine bubbles. SKIMZ TurboMagnum skimmer incorporates a Self Washing Head (SWH), which increases the efficiency of the skimmer by up to 30%. The integrated SWH is designed specially for the TurboMagnum range of skimmers. The SWH injects water on the inner side of the skimmer riser neck, washing away accumulated sludge that has collected on the side of the riser tube. The result is that the SKIMZ TurboMagnum skimmer will always be performing at its maximum efficiency, with minimum maintenance required.

Skimz TurboMagnum Protein Skimmer uses two Reeflo HammerHead pumps.

Skimz iBOX Nano Tanks come in three colours, white, red and black.

New! Skimz SPS Reef Supplements for SPS hard corals. Skimz SPS Coral Blue+, SPS Coral Red+ and SPS Coral Green+.

New! Skimz Media 1 – Calcium media for calcium reactor, Skimz Media 2 – Activated Carbon, Skimz Media 3 – Sulphur ball for nitrate reactor, Skimz Media 4 – Nitrate reducer media and Skimz media 5 – Phosphate reducer media.

New! Skimz Rock Fix for bonding live rock and corals

more pictures of Skimz at CIPS 2010 Beijing Pt. 5 …

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