A new update package of the Aquatronica (Aquarium Controller System) for the following devices is now available in Aquatronica website: DOWNLOAD AREA :

Aquarium Controller (ACQ001)
Aquarium Controller Evolution (ACQ110)
Ethernet module (ACQ225)
Dosing Pumps (ACQ450)
Koralia Wave Module (ACQ455)
SMS Module (ACQ240)

1. PC SOFTWARE: Software v.8.7.0.
• Pump dimmer Management
• Light dimmer Management
• Level Programs Update (waiting time)
• XY Programs Update (XYZ)

2. CONTROLLER (ACQ001 and ACQ110) Firmware v.8.0
• Level Programs Update (waiting time)
• XY Programs Update(XYZ)

3. ETHERNET MODULE (ACQ225): Firmware v. 3.1

4. DOSING PUMPS MODULE (ACQ450): Firmware v. 4.0
• Fixing of blackout reaction bugs

5. KORALIA WAVE MODULE (ACQ455): Firmware v. 1.0

6. SMS MODULE (ACQ240) Firmware v. 1.7

Or you can visit Aquatronica software/firmware page for updates: List of latest available Aquatronica Control Units and Moduls firmware versions (date 14-03-11)

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