Skimz Zenvotec DC Pump

Skimz just added another DC pump to the line up with the new Skimz Zenvotec DC Pump. The new Skimz Zenvotec is a variable speed controllable DC pump delivering a high flow rate while keeping the power consumption on the low side.

This design seems to be based off the Abyzz Venotec pump and features brushless DC (BLDC) synchronous motors allowing you to adjust the speed while keeping it all extremely quiet.

The new Skimz Zenvotec range has six different models ranging from the Skimz ZD55 that pushes 5,500 LPH (around 1,450 GPH) to the Skimz ZD1500 cranking out 15,000 LPH (just under 4,000 GPH).

We have very basic information on the pump at this point and will pass on pricing and availability when available.

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