Skimz Leopard’s Integrated Inverted Cone (IIC) channel bubbles to the outer side of the chamber to achieve optimal skimming performance. This significantly reduces surface agitation, thus creating superb foaming within the skimmer and results in increased skimming efficiency. Together with the use of the bubble plate design, turbulence within the chamber is significantly reduced, allowing maximum air flow capacity in a compact skimmer.

All Skimz Leopard protein skimmers are fitted with the new LS skimmer pumps made by Askoll, producing extremely fine bubbles for unsurpassed skimming performance.

Up to 100% of Bubbles Channelled to Outer Side

Skimz Leopard’s Integrated Inverted Cone has distinct design advantages – the bubbles in the reaction chamber are forced to move outer side upward, resulting in natural foam formation to minimize bubble bursting. This natural foam formation of the bubbles reduces surface agitation, thus creating a gentle foaming within the skimmer.

Skimz Leopard SL200

Dimensions: L240 x D360 x H558

Body Diameter: 200mm

Pump: 1 Skimz LS6000

Air Intake: 1,000 – 1,300 l/h

Total Watts: 23 – 26W

For Aquarium up to 2,500 L

Skimz Leopard SL250

Dimensions: L415 x D293 x H558

Body Diameter: 250mm

Pump: 1 Skimz LS6000

Air Intake: 1,500 – 2,000 l/h

Total Watts: 28 – 38W

For Aquarium up to 3,500 L

Skimz Leopard SL300

Dimensions: L470 x D470 x H585 L348 x D595 x H585

Body Diameter: 300mm

Pump: 2 Skimz LS6000

Air Intake: 3,000 – 4,000 l/h

Total Watts: 56 – 76W

For Aquarium up to 5,000 L


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  1. I would like to purchase a skimmer model Skimz Leopard SL200.

    Send here for my country Brazil?

    Best regards,
    Anderson Matos

  2. Tem representante no Brasil?
    Quero o skimmer modelo Skimz Leopard SL200.

    um abraço,
    Laerte Brasil

  3. Bom dia,

    Um excelente produto, por favor enviar os modelos atuais e o reactor scrum para algas
    Enviar por email

    Best Regards,
    Anderson Matos