Revolutionising Skimz Zeovit Reactor 2003 – 2019

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Skimz zeovit automatic reactor

The New Skimz Zeovit Auto Reactor (ZAR) will control the cleaning cycle fully automatic. Cleaning can be set to clean twice a day or hourly. Each mode has different characteristic which is in line with the old twice a day and new automatic hourly flushing method.

No more forgetting to manually pump your Zeovit Reactor

Skimz Zeovit Reactor consists of 2 preset automatic flushing modes and 4 preset flow rates for different volume of zeovite media.

Skimz Zeovit Auto Reactor Features: 
• 2 preset auto flushing modes
• 4 preset flow rates 
• Pause for dosing bacteria 
• Double-Speed Button
• Simple to install, easy to maintain
• Intergrated pump built into reactor

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Skimz MBR127 Macroalgae Reactor helps to reduce nitrate and phosphate from the water. The idea behind a Macroalgae Reactor is to provide an isolated environment, separate from the main aquarium for cultivation of macroalgae, live foods (pods) and biological denitrification.

Skimz Macroalgae reactor


360 degree LED Grow light tube is specially build with combination of white, blue and red to help boost the growth rate of macroalgae. 

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor

Lighting Duration

12 hours is sufficient for growing macro algae. The LED lighting is running on a reverse cycle so that when the main tank lights are off the refugium lights turn on. During the night time, photosynthesis stops inside your aquarium and corals will no longer uptake CO2. This leaves an increased amount of CO2 dissolved in your aquarium water which then lowers your pH level. By running the Macroalgae Reactor at night, the algae inside the reactor will continue to uptake CO2 and help reduce the pH swing. This will help to stabilize the pH levels and the overall safety of its inhabitants.

Skimz copepods


Chaetomorpha Chaeto macroalgae.

Growing and Cultivating Amphipods and Copepods

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor will allow you to grow beneficial macroalgae as well as house zooplanktons. Zooplanktons like copepods and amphipods would breed, and their babies would flow into the aquariums as a food source for corals and fish. These tiny microscopic crustaceans incorporate protein and fatty acids into a highly nutritious package for consumption by marine animals. Some fish, such as the mandarins, anthias and sea horses are found to be extremely difficult to get to eat anything other than copepods and amphipods.

Macroalgae Grows:

It’s important to periodically harvest a portion by removing it from the Macroalgae Reactor. This opens up space for new macroalgae to grow and to continue absorbing undesirable nutrients.

Skimz Macroalgae Reactor
Skimz Macroalgae Reactor

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Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor(ZAR) is a replacement product of its predecessor the ZM manual series. It is powered by only 1 DC controllable pump and there are 2 pre-set automatic flushing modes that will provide ease of operation for the usage of zeolite method. Skimz ZAR Zeolite Reactorpipeless design helps to reduce its footprint which is perfect for hobbyists with limited space. Changing of media is also made easy with the split body design, an upper body for media and lower body for pump. Each body is provided with a flanged end for quick release.


  • 2 Pre-Set Auto Flushing Mode
  • 4 Pre-Set Flow Rates
  • Pause Mode for dosing bacteria
  • Double-Speed Button

Skimz ZAR Zeolite Reactor consists of 4 pre-set flow rates for different volume of zeolite media:

  • ZAR127– 0.3, 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2L media
  • ZAR157– 0.9, 1.8, 2.7 and 3.5L media

Hobbyists can select the desired flow rate according to the amount of media they use and with a press of a button the flow rates can be double up for faster absorption of unwanted nutrient.

Hobbyists can also choose either of the 2 pre-set flushing modes when operating the reactor. Each mode has different characteristic which is in line with the old twice a day and new automated hourly flushing method.

  • Mode 1: Twice a day flushing
  • Mode 2: Automated hourly flushing

The New SkimzZAR Zeolite Auto Reactorcan fulfil the needs of both schools of old and new users will not have to worry about forgetting the twice daily pushing-pulling the PVC rode. It will reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain a zeovit system.

Skimz ZAR127 Zeolite Auto Reactor


L155 x D170 x H475mm
(6 1/8″ x 6 11/16″ x 18 11/16″)

Reactor Body Diameter:

120 mm


Skimz QuietPro QP4.0 DC

Power AC100-240V 50-60Hz:

24V DC/2A

Total Watts:

max. 30W

Zeolite Media:

up to 1.2L

For Aquariums:

Up to 480 litres

Skimz ZAR157 Zeolite Auto Reactor


L185 x D200 x H540mm
(7 5/16″ x 7 7/8″ x 21 1/4″)

Reactor Body Diameter:

150 mm


Skimz QuietPro QP7.0 DC

Power AC100-240V 50-60Hz:

24V DC/4A

Total Watts:

max. 60W

Zeolite Media:

up to 3.5L

For Aquariums:

Up to 1,400 litres

Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor (ZAR127)
Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor (ZAR127)

Skimz ZAR127 Zeolite Auto Reactor

Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor (ZAR157)
Skimz Zeolite Auto Reactor (ZAR157)

Skimz ZAR157 Zeolite Auto Reactor

For more information…..

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Interzoo 2018 Skimz protein skimmer

DaniReef con John Ong allo stand Skimz

Skimz era presente anche quest’anno all’Interzoo, anche se lo stand era molto meno voluminosorispetto alle scorse edizioni.

E’ sempre un piacere incontrare John Ong che ci ha mostrato lo stand, anche se le novità sono ferme a quelle di cui vi avevamo parlato durante il nostro reportage del CIPS di Shanghai(articolo), fra cui ricordiamo il bellissimo contenitore per il balling.

Quest’anno lo stand Skimz portava appunto in visione il contenitore per il Balling (articolo), e le tante pompe che abbiamo già presentato durante lo scorso anno (articolo), oltre al reattore di Skimz Macroalghe(articolo).

Come potete vedere nell’immagine seguente i prodotti in visione erano divisi per categorie, avendo condensato pochi prodotti per ogni categoria. Come due anni fa, anche oggi la sump così costruita ci attrae terribilmente.

Interzoo 2018 Skimz protein skimmer

Una cosa interessante nello stand era l’enorme schiumatoio, che mostrava l’interesse di Skimz verso i grandi impianti e verso le strutture pubbliche. Penso che nessuno infatti fra noi hobbisti abbia bisogno di un tale schiumatoio, con un volume ben maggiore di quasi tutte le nostre vasche domestiche.

Interzoo 2018 Skimz Commercial Protein Skimmer Interzoo 2018 Skimz Protein Skimmer

Sarebbe bello poter visitare Skimz a casa loro a Singapore, e chissà che, prima o poi, non potremo farlo.

Purtroppo, pur essendo i prodotti Skimz molto buoni, non sono attualmente distribuiti in Italia, e speriamo che presto questa lacuna venga colmata.


Per ulteriori informazioni sui prodotti Skimz vi rimandiamo al sito ufficiale. Vi invitiamo inoltre a leggere anche il nostro Editoriale sulla fiera per conoscere il nostro punto di vista sull’Interzoo e per avere disponibile l’elenco di tutti gli altri stand che abbiamo, sino ad oggi, visitato e commentato.

Interzoo 2018 Skimz protein skimmer

Interzoo 2018: incontrando John Ong allo stand Skimz


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Interzoo 2018 Skimz protein skimmer

Janet, Danilo and John

It’s always a pleasure meeting John Ong that presented us the booth, even if the news were the same of the CIPS of Shanghai (article), and we remind you the new balling container.

In fact this year Skimz has brought on show the Liquid Dosing Container (DLC) for the Balling (article), and the QuietPro DC Aquarium Pump we’ve presented during last year (here the article in italian), in addition to the Macroalgae Reactor (here the article in italian).

As you can see in the following picture the products on show belonged to different categories, since they’ve decided some products for each category. Like two years ago, a Skimz Sumpro sump thus prepared is very appealing.

Interzoo 2018 Skimz protein skimmer

The Skimz Commercial TurboMagnum Protein Skimmer was another interesting thing of the booth: it showed Skimz‘s attention towards the big systems for public aquariums and aquaculture fish farms. I think that no one of us hobbyists needs a protein skimmer like that, with a much greater volume than the domestic tanks.

Interzoo 2018 Skimz Commercial Protein Skimmer

Interzoo 2018 Skimz Protein Skimmer

It would be nice to visit Skimz in Singapore, who knows if sooner or later we will.

Now we have knows that Skimz products are distributed in Italy from AGP, so wait to have some products ready on the shop..


Interzoo 2018 Skimz protein skimmer

For further informations about Skimz and its products we send you to its official website. We invite you also to read our Editorial about the fair to know our point of view on the Interzoo 2018 and to consult the links of the articles dedicated to the booths we’ve visited until today.

For more information at DaniReef: Interzoo 2018: Meeting John Ong at Skimz’s booth


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Skimz SuperSilent Wavemaker Pump

Skimzis teasing the SuperSilent Wavemakeron its Facebook page that uses sine wave technology for quieter and more efficient flow.The Skimz SuperSilent Wavemaker have the similar prop pump look with a magnetic mount that is quite common across the board, but it features a controller with the ability to link up to six units wirelessly.

There are going to be three sized to start, the SkimzSS6.0 that pushes 6,000 lph, the SkimzSS9.0 that pushes 9,000 lph and the SS18.0 that pushes 18,000 lph. The pumps come with six water flow modes, short and long pulse, tidal wave, oceanic current, constant flow and alternate flow.

Skimz SuperSilent Wavemaker Pump

Skimz SuperSilentwavemaker pump has three different models: SS6.0SS9.0SS18.0

For more information on ReefBuilders….

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Skimz Singapore

Chances are you’ve read a post or two here on Skimz Singapore and you’d recognize the clean white and orange details on the company’s products, but what about looking Behind the Brand and learn a bit more about the company. Reef Builders Behind the Brand is a new series that takes a closer look at the people behind the companies we cover.

Skimz was founded in early 2003 by John Ong, who is currently the company’s CEO and managing director. Like many of us, John got the bug early starting in the marine aquarium hobby when he was just 13 and this journey eventually led him to open a marine aquarium shop in Singapore.

“I started AquaMarin Aquatic Pets in 2002 and at that time it was really hard to find good protein skimmers in the market with limited budget,” said John. “There are only few skimmer brands to choose from and mostly are limewood air stone skimmers.”

Skimz Singapore

Skimz CEO John Ong gives our own Jake Adams a look at their products at AquaRama 2015.

That led him to build the company’s first product, a Becket protein skimmer. Today Skimz makes skimmers for commercial and hobby applications along over 40 other products including reactors (macroalgae, biopellet, calcium, nitrate and zeolith), sumps, media (Carbon, calcium media, biopellet, Sulphur, phosphate remover), salt mixes, commercial and hobby-grade circulation pumps (AC and DC) along with various other items.

“I don’t like to do just the things I like to do,” he added. “I like to do things that cause the brand to succeed.”

With the broad selection of products, the Skimz protein skimmer continues to be their top selling products. Not content with sitting back on their laurels, John and team have continually refined the design incorporating innovative features while offering what John refers to as “high quality products at modest prices.”

Skimz Singapore

We asked John what product he was most proud of and his answer was the oval protein skimmer. The same Skimz oval protein skimmer we caught firsthand at Aquarama in 2013. This was introduced well into the cone skimmer phase, when everyone was jumping in. Skimz took this in a slightly different direction giving the same performance as a cone, but with a modified footprint that provided some space-saving attributes.

The most exciting part of the hobby for John was winning the Grand Champion Marine Tank competition at Aquarama in 2009, 2011 and 2013.

But not everything is perfect in this business and sometimes the biggest business lessons come with a steep price tag. For Skimz, it was putting trust in the wrong person to manage his factory and take care of paying bills. That person ended up stealing over $250,000 from the company.

Despite a setback like this, Skimz is going strong with 100 employees and plans to introduce more products in the aquaculture arena in the next year. Skimz doesn’t manage direct sales or retail, preferring to sell through its global network of distributors.

Skimz webpage:


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Skimz dosing liquid container Skimz dosing liquid container Skimz dosing liquid container

Cominciamo oggi a farvi vedere qualche prodotto intercettato durante il CIPS di Shanghai (editoriale), ed iniziamo con un multicontenitore di Skimz espressamente pensato per il metodo Balling.

Parliamo di quello che in Skimz chiamano DLCovvero Dosing Liquid Containers.

Quello che vedete in foto è diviso in 4 setti differenti. Ogni setto è facilmente identificabile da un colore e da una etichetta sempre del medesimo colore. Abbiamo infatti i 3 prodotti principali del balling, calcio, magnesio e alcalinità, ed a parte anche il sale con minor contenuto di cloruri.

Il contenitore è costruito interamente in acrilico, la forma è rettangolare in modo da sfruttare tutto lo spazio a propria disposizione. Il contenitore ha le misure approssimate di 23x15x30 cm, e può contenere fino a 6 litri di soluzioni.

Il multicontenitore esiste in due varianti, da 3 e 4 setti. Noi al CIPSabbiamo visto e toccato con mano quello a 4 setti, denominato DLC4, ma esiste anche il DLC3, assolutamente identico ma con un setto in meno. Quindi invece di avere 4 setti da 1,5 litri di capacità come il DLC4 in foto, avrà 3 setti da 2 litri di capacità.

Ogni contenitore, dicevamo, ha un tubicino colorato dello stesso colore della etichetta presente sul fronte. Questo per facilitare i collegamenti. Inoltre i tubi vengono venduti in tre tagli differenti, con lunghezze da 2, 4 ed 8 metri.

Il particolare sistema di chiusura superiore, che si intravede nelle foto, permette di sigillare il contenuto tramite una chiusura a scorrimento. Semplice e pratica.

Il prezzo dei multicontenitori Skimz DLC3 e DLC4

Il prezzo pare essere estremamente competitivo per il produttore di Singapore, come da sua abitudine, visto che si parla di circa 59 dollari americani per la versione a 4 setti, e di 56 dollari per la versione a tre.

Purtroppo attualmente Skimz non è un marchio importato in Italia, e speriamo che sia una lacuna che venga colmata presto.


Per ulteriori informazioni su Skimz vi rimandiamo alla loro pagina web ufficiale. Per approfondire invece la conoscenza del metodo Balling, cosa sia, quanto costi e che benefici possa apportare vi lasciamo al nostro articolo di approfondimento. Infine vi lasciamo anche al nostro editoriale sul CIPS 2017, dove troverete anche tutti i link agli articoli che andremo a scrivere da oggi in avanti.

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Skimz Dosing Liquid Container DLC

Reefbuilders – 

Skimz recently introduced its Skimz Dosing Liquid Containers (DLC) series with a three and four chamber version with color coded silicon tubing to make keeping it organized a bit easier.

The Skimz DLC3 and Skimz DLC4 both feature the touches we’ve come to expect with Skimz’s products — a clean look, white accents and some nice handy details that let you know they really thought it out.

Each of the Skimz DLC has the same size and footprint measuring in at 9 3/8 x 6 1/2 x 12 3/8 in. and holds 6 liters of fluid, but the difference is if you want a three or four-chamber design.

The Skimz DLC also has a handle to be able to grab it to pull it out for a good cleaning or maintenance. Each chamber has a color-coded label – Calcium, Magnesium, kH and Salt NaCl-Free – with a corresponding colored silicon tubing to easily identify each dosing component. Skimz also sells tubing in 2m, 4m and 8m packaging.

The tubing slips over a nipple fitting that pulls the mixture up from the bottom of chamber through rigid tubing securely attached to the DLC. In front of each chamber is a tube holder cutout to help keep the tubing in place.

Another nice touch of the Skimz DLC3 and DLC4 is what they dub their “slide and pour” tops. Each chamber top features an oval cutout with one portion open to the container. It is sealed with a shorter oval cutout allowing you to slide it back to access the chamber filling hole and easily slide it back to cover it.

These are also pretty affordable with the Skimz DLC3 retailing for S$75 SGD (around $56 USD) and the SkimzDLC4 retails for S$79 SGD (around $59 USD).
Skimz Dosing Liquid Container Colored Tubing Skimz Dosing Liquid Container Colored Tubing Skimz Dosing Liquid Container DLC series Skimz Dosing Liquid Container DLC series

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China International Pet Show (CIPS 2017)

Visit Skimz at CIPS 2017 Hall 6, Stand B125.

Skimz line of product displays include: Oval Protein Skimmers, Piramid Protein Skimmers , QuietPro DC Pumps, Macroalgae Reactors, Recirculating Biopellet Reactors, Sumpro Sump Tanks, etc.

The CIPS 2017 is going to be held from 16 to 19 November 2017 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

China International Pet Show 2017: An ongoing success story

From 16 to 19 November 2017, leading players from the pet industry will gather in Shanghai for the China International Pet Show (CIPS). The trade fair is a key platform for global procurement activities and cultivating business contacts with manufacturers. It has also established itself as a springboard for western companies wanting to break into the Asian market. The organisers are expecting to welcome up to 1,500 exhibitors to CIPS 2017 on an area of close to 115,000 square metres at the National Exhibition and Convention Centre in Shanghai.

The China International Pet Show is the most important trade fair for pet and aquarium supplies in Asia and is organised by China Great Wall International Exhibition Co. in partnership with NürnbergMesse. The organiser is also preparing for greater numbers of visitors this year and is expecting more buyers from the expanding e-commerce sector in particular. The event will welcome visitors from a total of around 80 countries, but predominantly from Asia: “The market for pet supplies in Asia is growing constantly. More and more buyers and distributors from the entire Asian region are visiting the event,” confirms Yang Cheng, President of China Great Wall International Exhibition Co. “The accompanying CIPS supporting programme is also attracting new visitors. It features the third Global PETS Forum Asia, which aims to reach the leading representatives of the sector from across the globe. The CIPS Ornamental Fish Championship, which premiered last year and will cover 15 different varieties this time round, is another highlight that is unrivalled worldwide. In short: the CIPS is the must-do event for anyone who wants to keep in step with the industry.”

The China International Pet Show (CIPS) takes place annually, alternating between the cities Guangzhou and Shanghai. The 21st round will open its doors from 16 to 19 November 2017 at the National Exhibition and Convention Center in Shanghai.

For more information: CIPS 2017


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