Skimz QuietEco Aquarium Pump

QuietEco QE3.0 Pump

The Skimz QuietEco pumps are a new line of submersible circulation pumps by the Singapore-based company. Designed to be affordable and energy efficient, the pump range has options for flow rates from 600 to 4,000 liters per hour.

All six ceramic shaft pumps feature adjustable flow control, adapters to connect flexible hoses on barbed fittings and come with a one-year warranty.

Skimz QuietEco aquarium pump has six different models: QE0.6, QE0.8, QE1.2, QE2.0, QE3.0, QE4.0 and range in price from around $10 USD to $45 USD. The smallest pump, the Skimz QE 0.6, consumes 12 watts of power and the largest, the Skimz QE 4.0 uses 75W.

Skimz QuietEco Aquarium Pump

QuietEco QE0.6 and QE0.8 Pump

Skimz QuietEco Aquarium Pump

QuietEco QE1.2 and QE2.0 Pump

Skimz QuietEco Aquarium Pump

QuietEco QE2.0 Pump

For more infomation: Reefbuilders – New Skimz QuietEco pumps come in six sizes


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reattore di macroalghe Skimz

Oggi noi di DaniReef vi presentiamo il reattore di macroalghe Skimz, filtro ATS concepito per il funzionamento in sump.

Quest’estate durante l’Interzoo nello stand Skimz abbiamo avuto modo di vedere il prototipo di questo filtro e ve ne avevamo parlato nell’editoriale sull’Interzoo (leggi qui), ora è pronto il prodotto definitivo: il Filtro a Macroalghe a bioassorbimento Skimz.


Gli ATS, Algae Turf Scrubber, sono filtri che utilizzano l’attività biologica delle alghe per l’eliminazione di fosfati e nitrati, generalmente è costituito in un tubo di plastica provvisto di una luce, ma Skimz è il primo ad offrire un reattore filtro di macroalghe  con pompa integrata.

Per il loro filtro ad alghe hanno abbinato il filtro ad una pompa DC controllabile, in modo da poter facilmente gestire la portata desiderata o necessaria per  ottimizzare sia la crescita delle alghe, sia il tasso desiderato di assorbimento dei nutrienti attraverso l’intero filtro.

reattore di macroalghe Skimz


Skimz produce  il reattore di macroalghe  in due versioni:

  • il MBR127 per vasche fino a 400 litri (100 galloni);
  • il MBR157 per serbatoi fino a 1.000 litri (264 galloni).

reattore di macroalghe Skimz

skimz macroalgae reactor

Il Reattore a Macroalghe a bioassorbimento Skimz MBR127 equipaggiato con la pompa DC QUIETPRO 1.2 ha un ingombro ridotto adatto per acquari fino a 400 litri.

Caratteristiche Tecniche:

  • Dimensioni: 175 x 176 x 410 millimetri
  • Pompa: QP1.2 DC – 12W
  • LED: 14W
  • Watt totale: 26W
  • Per Acquario: fino a 400L

Macroalgae Reactor

Il Reattore a Macroalghe a bioassorbimento Skimz MBR157 equipaggiato con la pompa DC QUIETPRO 2.0è adatto per acquari fino a 1.000 litri.

Caratteristiche Tecniche:

  • Dimensioni: 185 x 210 x 570 millimetri
  • Pompa: QP.2.0 DC – 22W
  • LED: 21W
  • Watt totale: 43W
  • Per Acquario: fino a 1,000L

skimz macroalgae reactor

Il tubo led è dotato di vetro di quarzo per massimizzare la penetrazione della luce e l’efficienza. Il vetro di quarzo è costituito da cristalli di quarzo che si traducono in un vetro trasparente di elevata purezza. I led presentano 3 gradazioni di rosso ed una di blu.

Sul sito Skimz è già dato disponibile per la prenotazione ma non ne viene indicato il prezzo, che dovrebbe aggirarsi intorno ai 300€ per il MBR127 e 370€ per il MBR157.

Sito del produttore: Skimz

Il reattore di macroalghe marcato Skimz: MBR127 e MBR157

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aquarium activated carbon filter media

Activated Carbon

Skimz added another product to its line with the new Skimz Pur CARB-08 activated carbon. So what makes the Skimz carbon unique in a sea of other carbon options? It looks like Skimz looked for a clean, efficient option to ensure your activated carbon does as much as it can for you.

Pur CARB-08 gets its name for the 0.8mm pellet size. These pellets are made from carbon that is activated at a high temperature with steam for a high quality and porous product. In fact, the highly-porous surface is guaranteed to have 1,225 square meters of surface area per gram of carbon (average for activated carbon in general is 1,000 sq. meters).

Skimz also notes the product is low in ash and high up there on the hardness scale so it should be able to withstand some tumbling without breaking up.

Skims Pur CARB-08 comes in three sizes a 680ml, a 1,500ml and a 4,000ml container that retail for around 9.00 SGD, 18.00 SDG and 42.00 SDG (around $7, $13 and $30 USD) respectively.

aquarium activated carbon filter media aquarium activated carbon filter media aquarium activated carbon filter media

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Macroalgae Reactor

We’ve got a fresh new look at the Skimz macroalgae reactor, and boy has it come a long way from the prototype we spotted in Germany this summer. Gone is the fan-cooled mess that typified the original model, replaced now in favor of a much sleeker and passively cooled LED light tube.

Macroalgae Reactor

The newly refined Skimz Macroalgae reactor looks so much better now, and it retains the built-in controllable DC pump, using their in-house QuietPro DC pump. The inclusion of a water pump makes the Skimz Macroalgae reactor a complete solution to leveraging the benefits of a concentrated algae scrubber, allowing users to simply place the unit in a part of their sump.

Skimz is making their macroalgae reactor in two sizes, the MBR127 for tanks up to 400 liters (100 gallons), and the MBR157 for tanks up to 1000 liters, (264 gallons). The MBR127 reactor has a 14 watt LED tube with a QuietPro 1.2 DC pump, and a footprint of less than 7 inches square, and 16 inches tall. Meanwhile the MBR157 uses a 20 watt LED tube, QuietPro 2.0 and a footprint of 7.25 by 8.25 inches, and 22.5 inches tall. Skimz is expecting a suggested retail price of $310 for the MBR127 and $390 for the larger MBR157.

The Skimz reactor follows the path trail blazed by the heavy-duty Pax-Bellum A.R.I.D. reactor, but brings the concept within reach to even more aquarists with an all in one, and much cheaper model. Large saltwater and reef tanks, or those requiring an externally plumbed solution will still want to look at the Pax-Bellum but for more conventional reef tank sizes, the new Skimz Macroalgae Reactor is looking like a particularly enticing choice.

Macroalgae Reactor Macroalgae Reactor Macroalgae Reactor Macroalgae Reactor Macroalgae Reactor Macroalgae Reactor

For more info: Skimz Macroalgae Reactor Looks Ready For Primetime


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Meet the new Skimz QuietPro DC pump

Posted: 13th October 2016 by admin in Pump
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Reefbuilders –

skimz QuietPro DC aquarium pump

The QuietPro DC pump is the latest pump from the Singapore manufacturer. Touting all the benefits of a DC pump, the Skimz QuietPro line can be ran wet or dry while delivering energy savings of up to 50%, all for an approachable price tag.

Designed with the saltwater aquarium in mind, the QuietPro is a variable speed controllable pump with a high flow rate that uses brushless DC (BLDC) 6-pole synchronous motors for a nearly noise-free operation. This allows for torque at a more constant thrust per revolution of the rotor. It also features a ceramic shaft to extend the life of the pump and motor.

skimz QuietPro DC aquarium pump

The QuietPro allows you to adjust the speed to fit your needs. It also has a slow start-up mode and automatic power-off protection mode. The slow startup mode builds speed up gradually when power is applied, getting up to the desired speed in about 20 seconds. As a safety check, if the pump detects no water or if the inlet gets blocked with debris, the pump automatically enables is power-off protection mode.

Here is a rundown of the QuietPro functions:

  • Variable speed – range from 5 – 100%
  • Soft startup – prevent excess wear on motor and impeller assembly
  • Shut-off blocks – automatic restart after 10 seconds (power off after 10 times)
  • Dry run – automatic restart after 2 minutes (power off after 10 times)
  • Memory module – in case of power failure, re-identification of the last set speed
  • Feed mode – disable pump for 10 minutes.
  • LED display – Wattage and speed settings

There are currently five models that push out 1,200 to 9,000 liters per hour. The smallest pump Skimz QP1.2 retails around $5o USD and the largest pump QP9.0 retails for around $100.

For more info: Reefbuilders – Meet the new Skimz QuietPro DC pump


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Reefbuilders –

Macroalgae reactor

The Skimz macroalgae filter reactor is an interesting take on a product category which is beginning to gain a lot of traction in the aquarium hobby. The singaporean aquarium product company is quite prolific when it comes to experimenting with different protein skimmer types, and especially with body geometries, so their new macroalgae filter is a logical progression of their creativity.

Skimz is the first to offer a macroalgae filter / chaetomorpha reactor with a built-in pump. For their algae filter they’ve paired it up with a controllable DC pump so you can easily dial in the desired or necessary flowrate to optimize both algae growth, and the desired rate of nutrient uptake through the entire reaction chamber.

Macroalgae reactor

The in-sump reactor requires no plumbing as the DC pump draws directly from the sump with a basic outlet directing water flow out in the base of the body as well. The light included in the skimz macroalgae scrubber is also an interesting design, with small multichips of alternating pure red and pure blue LEDs.

The top-mouted fan for cooling the LEDs seems like it could be a liability for long term use, especially inside the sump. But since this new product from Skimz is an early version prototype, there is definitely room for improving both the choice of lighting down the center of the reactor, and the method of cooling those lights inside an enclosed tube.

Macroalgae reactor

Macroalgae reactor

Macroalgae reactor

Macroalgae reactor

For more info: Reefbuilders – Skimz unveils a macroalgae filter chaetomorpha reactor of their own


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The new Skimz Piramid protein skimmer is slim and powerful. With space saving design, it is great for people who have small sumps, but in need of a powerful protein skimmer. The design of the new Skimz Piramid skimmer has slimmed down the width by up to 36%.

Monzter Series (width)     Vs      Piramid Series (width)                   Percentage

SN123 – 163mm                                      SP153 – 110mm                                       32%

SN143 – 188mm                                     SP783 – 120mm                                       36%

SM163 – 188mm                                    SP203 – 150mm                                       20%

SM203 – 234mm                                   SP253 – 180mm                                       23%

SM253 – 290mm                                   SP283 – 200mm                                      31%

The new R14 TinyAir™ bubble plate designs with the ratio 1:4 coarse-to-fine holes which further reduces the bubble sizes to get a finer sized bubble.

Bubble size is important as the smaller the bubble, the greater will be the surface area for attraction of the organic waste. One bubble that is 1mm diameter has a surface area of 3.14 mm2, whereas half the bubble size with a diameter of 0.5mm for the same volume of air is now 6.28 mm2, or double the surface area. Smaller bubbles have an added advantage, they rise slowly in the reactor chamber giving them more time to react.

Technical features:

  • Pyramid shape
  • R14 TinyAir™ bubble plate
  • Footprint reduced by up to 31%
  • Semi-pipeless design
  • Micro-Adjustable valve
  • DC pinwheel pump with six preset RPMs and food shutoff timer

Skimz Piramid protein skimmer has five different models: SP163, SP183, SP203, SP253 and SP283.

               Model               Pump                Air Intake         Watts                 For Aquarium

SP163                   VSC 1.2                360                       12                          500

SP183                   VSC 2                    660                       18                         900

SP203                   VSC 4                    1,200                    22                        1,200

SP253                   VSC 6                    1,800                    47                        2,000

SP283                   VSC 9                    2,100                    53                        3,000

Please come visit Skimz at Interzoo 2016 – Hall 5 Stand 303D in Nuremberg Germany between the 26th and 29th of May 2016 to see Skimz new products, PIRAMID skimmers and SUMPRO sumps.

Design Patent No. 30201602341R

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer

Skimz SP203 Protein Skimmer Side View

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer

Skimz SP203 Protein Skimmer Front View

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer

Skimz SP253 Protein Skimmer Side View

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer

Skimz SP253 Protein Skimmer Front View

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer

Skimz SP283 Protein Skimmer Side View

Skimz Piramid Protein Skimmer

Skimz SP283 Protein Skimmer Front View



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February 29 2016, – Reefbuilders

The new Skimz Sumpro series of sumps are another in the growing trend of quality sumps that’s beauty can rival the tank above. With equipment like this, you can turn the bottom of your aquarium into a point of pride.

The new sumps from Skimz feature the white, stylish and efficient design with just a little pop of orange consistent with the company’s other products.

Like many sumps, the first stage of the Skimz Sumpro two-stage Duoflo filter sock chamber, skimmer chamber, built-in dosing lines and probe holders and for some models a top-off water chamber and refugium.

Skimz took a novel path with the filter chamber. The aquarium water drains into the filter chamber with the outlets submerged with the water then overflowing into the sock chamber to prevent salt creep and reduce noise. The two-stage filter sock chamber allows you chose what filtration size you want. Once the first chamber becomes blocked, the water spills over to the second chamber.

The next stage is a skimmer chamber with what they call their Level-o-matic adjustable spillway gate to control the water level for optimal protein skimmer operation. Rather than just adjusting baffles with thumbscrews, Skimz Level-o-matic adds this level of control (on top of the sump no less) to adjust the spillway gate allowing you to adjust water height from 180 to 230mm.

The Skimz Sumpro also features customizable holes to handle the pipe size you want to use, from DIN Standard (DN25, DN32, DN40) to Schedule 80 in 1 in. and 1.5 in. sizes. There is also the option to use a pipework hole cover with a notch for a heater.

All Skimz Sumpro series sumps come with a probe holder that can hold up to four probes. The holes are 15mm In diameter with thumbscrews to secure different sized probes. The sumps also come with tube holder In the top support brace for holding In four 6mm tubes from dosing pumps, auto top offs, reactors, etc.

There are eight different sizes (see sizing chart in images) that range in size from the Skimz Sumpro UP14 that measures in at 14 x 18 x 15 in. (15 gallon capacity) to the UP39 that measures in at 39x15x15 (35 gallon capacity). Three sizes — the UP34, UP36 and UP39 — feature the refugium section and five sizes – the UP21, UP30, UP34, UP36 and UP39 – feature the ATO resovoir.

We are hoping to have pricing and available details shortly.

Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank Skimz Sumpro Sump Tank

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September 29, – ReefBuilders

Magnetic coral frag racks are nothing new but Skimz is looking to take a different approach with acrylic racks and plugs to give it a unique look with the new Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Rack.

What makes this one unique is it features a cross pattern for the holes along with an acrylic plug with a single rectangular post allowing you to rotate the plug in the hole in 90-degree increments.

The cast acrylic structure of the rack attaches on glass or acrylic up to 12mm thick using strong neodymium magnets. Skimz NeoMag Coral Frag Racks come in four sizes the CR4, CR12, CR16 and CR25.

Below are the specifications:

CR4 – nano
Holds 4 frag plugs
L95mm x D85mm

CR12 – small
Holds 12 frag plugs
L170mm x D170mm

CR16 – medium
Holds 16 frag plugs
L250mm x D105mm

CR25 – large
Holds 25 frag plugs
L375mm x D105mm

Skimz Coral Frag Plug

Skimz CR4 Coral Frag Rack Tray

Skimz CR12 Coral Frag Rack Tary

Skimz CR16 Coral Frag Rack Tray

Skimz CR25 Coral Frag Rack Tray


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CIPS– the largest pet and aquarium products show in Asia-Pacific region, has become a must-attend platform for international companies to expand their business in China, Asia and even the world.

Instead of being held in Beijing and Guangzhou alternatively, CIPS moves to Shanghai since 2015 to take advantage of the excellent trading environment, the new modern exhibition halls and complete facilities. It is believed that CIPS will be upgraded and come into a new development stage. With a larger scale and high-quality service, CIPS will provide the pet industry with a leading trade platform.

Date: November 4-7, 2015

Venue: Shanghai·National Convention and Exhibition Center

Add: 111 Laigang Rd. Qingpu District, Shanghai

Organized by: China Great Wall International Exhibition Co., Ltd

Nürnberg Messe GmbH

Supported by: Pafiq (Pet Food And Articles Inspection And Quarantine Branch, CIQA)

Aquatic Branch, China Fisheries Association

CIPS 2015

Visit Skimz at Hall 7.2, Booth n104


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